Attract More Customers To Your Painting & Remodeling Business

Contractor Growth Strategy's

Ultimate Lead Generation System 

is the proven process for painting & remodeling contractors to get more from your marketing

The Ultimate Lead Generation System

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The marketing system that not only generates leads but the right types of leads... 

  • leads that value your quality,

  • leads that are not going to nickle and dime you,  

  • the type of clients that your team wants to work with.

Painting Contractor

The Unique Marketing System that helps Painting & Remodeling Contractors to...

Generate a Steady, Predictable Stream of Leads

Once you have a system defined, you have a predictable, and highly repeatable way to generate leads... over and over again.

Generate Cost-effective ROI on Ad Spend

Stop throwing money away at random acts of marketing. 

Get a systematic process that steadily improves your ROI.

Find Qualified Buyers that are more likely to be in market

Tired of time wasters and tire kickers?

Identify and attract buyers that are in-market for painting and remodeling services.

The Story

You work hard. You want to grow so you can provide for you family, employees and give your customers the quality and great customer service that will grow you're reputation.  Imagine having a business that is the envy of your peers. Be admired by the people in you life who really matter. Having the money and freedom that comes from success.

The Problem:

Most contractors are at one of two stages. 

Stage 1. They do little or no marketing and rely on referrals and repeat business.  If this is you great - but you're never going to grow a real business relying just on referrals. 

Stage 2. They've spent they're hard earned money on marketing & advertising that didn't work. This leaves them confused about what to do next or down right frustrated that they're wasting their time and money and not seeing results.

The Solution:

 At Contractor Growth Strategy we take a unique approach that generates results.

  1. We start with the ideal customer profile- Which means you don't end up with a bunch of lousy leads you don't want. 
  2. Based off of your ideal customer profile we create a core messaging strategy that is customized to YOUR ideal client.
  3. We use a system. So that you will get a continued flow of the right leads that you can count on every month.

How The Ultimate Lead Generation System Works

Your very own marketing team - choose the program that suits your business needs.

Digital marketing, SEO, website, lead funnels, analytics - we know it can be confusing and overwhelming. 

Why manage several vendors across every channel? Leave it to us - it is what we do best.

Free up your time and increase your success with one of our marketing packages.

Marketing Jumpstart
Marketing Jumpstart

Generate Organic Leads with Local SEO to Jump you to the Top of Google in your market 





  • Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Research & Content
  • Google My Business, Google Maps & Online Directory Mgmt
  • Proprietary SEO Plugins
  • Online Reviews & Referrals
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Quarterly Reviews
Marketing Department
marketing department

Website, Total Online Presence, Plus Regular Leads - Our Experts  take over and run your marketing for you





  • Everything in Jumpstart PLUS everything in Catalyst PLUS Even MORE:
  • Wordpress Website
  • Company Brochures
  • Company Videos
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Annual Plans

✓  Sell More

✓  Charge More

✓  Make More Per Project

5 Reasons Why We Should Work Together


Reason #1 - ROI that is 7 - 10 Times Your Investment

You've heard of the 80/20 rule. The Ultimate Lead Generation System focuses your effort on the vital few areas that drive the greatest interest and leads. When you do the right things the right way, you get an accumulative compounding effect. 

Our largest client grew by several million dollars in annual sales in just 2 years! Our smallest client even grew by 32% last year. 

Reason #2 - Start Increasing Revenue Immediately

With the Sales & Marketing focus you'll get increased revenues immediately. With increased sales comes the ability to hire and retain quality staff.

Imagine having the cash flow to write a check for whatever your business needs.

Reason #3 - Uniquely Designed Specifically for Painting & Remodelling Contractors

You don't sell a product and you charge a premium. This is important because you need to establish a high level of trust with the client early on. The Ultimate Lead Generation System will help you to do that.

When you are a commodity the client goes with the lowest price. I'll show you the exact steps to avoid being seen as a low-cost commodity by the client.

Reason #4 - You get a System

When you have a system you save time. You save energy. And you save money. When you have a system you are building your ability to scale your revenues. You'll have the ability to increase prices without hurting sales. Which means you'll make more profit for every sale.

With more money in your pocket what could you do? It all starts with having a system. 

Value Selling

Reason #5 - You get a steady stream of Leads

Let's face it. Some customers are just bottom feeders.

I want to help you spend your time and energy on getting the right type of customer and let go of the wrong homeowners earlier in the process so you save time and frustration.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to pick and choose the type of customer you want to work with?  

Hi, I'm Carl Utter and I've been working with Painting & Remodeling Contractors for over 25 years.

At Contractor Growth Strategy we combine effective marketing tactics into practical, proven marketing systems that deliver results - consistently.

If you are tired of trying different one-off marketing tactics to see what works and what doesn't it's time we talked.