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It's The Economy Stupid

The economy is forcing every contractor to rethink their sales approach. You see the one thing you need to do in order to compete is simple, fast, and easy. But It does require you to learn the strategies I'm about to reveal. 

there is a big change happening in the industry. I'm concerned you might not be aware of it yet. You see painting contractors are stepping up their game, and changing the way they run an estimate. Trust me, you don't want to be left behind. Or worse yet, have your competitor across town beat you to market with this new selling strategy. 

Before I get into what I have and how it just might change your life,  let me introduce myself in case you don't know me. 


Hi, my name is Carl Utter.

I'm the Sales expert and author of the groundbreaking book The Painting Contractors Guide To Doubling Sales Even If You're Twice the Price.  I'm the creator of the client-centric Selling System. The first system for selling for just painters.

I'm the guy top painting contractors come to when they want to crush their sales objectives. I've helped hundreds of painters go from small $300K businesses to multi-million dollar sales teams, over and over and over again. Below are just a few of the people I've helped. In fact last year alone we helped 43 painters and estimators learn the secrets of doubling sales. 

I've been a featured guest many times on the APC Paint Radio Podcast.


Three Reasons Why You Need to Learn This Now.

In the competitive world of remodeling, being a skilled craftsman is essential, but it's not enough to guarantee success. To truly thrive in this industry, painters and remodelers must also master the art of selling based on value. If you don't, you will continue to struggle with price resistance. 
That's where my course, the Value Seller's Advantage, comes in here. Here are three compelling reasons why every remodeler should invest in learning to sell based on value:
1. Maximize Profits with Higher-Priced Projects
As a painter and remodeler, your goal is not just to complete projects, but to maximize your profits. By learning to sell based on value, you can position your services as investments rather than expenses. Clients will be more willing to pay a premium for your expertise when they understand the long-term benefits and increased property value that your painting services can bring. This means you can charge higher prices for your services, leading to increased revenue and better profit margins.
2. Build Stronger Client Relationships and Referral Networks
Successful contractors don't just sell a service; they sell a solution to their customers' problems. When you focus on value, you build stronger relationships with your customers. You become a trusted advisor, guiding them through the buying process and ensuring their needs and desires are met. Satisfied clients are more likely to refer you to their friends and family, creating a powerful referral network that can consistently generate new business opportunities. The Value Seller's Advantage course equips you with the skills to connect with clients on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and driving sustainable growth.
3. Stand Out in a Crowded Market
The industry is now highly competitive, and standing out is crucial to your success. When you sell based on value, you differentiate yourself from the competition. You're not just another contractor, you're a problem solver and a value creator. Clients are more likely to choose you over other contractors who only focus on selling at a cheaper price. When customers understand the tangible benefits you bring to them, the buying criteria they use to decide whether or not to hire you is now an advantage.
By enrolling in the Value Seller's Advantage course, you'll gain the tools and strategies to effectively communicate your value proposition, giving you a significant edge in a crowded market.
In conclusion, investing in your sales skills and learning to sell based on value is not just beneficial; it's essential for the success and longevity of your remodeling business. The Value Seller's Advantage course will empower you to maximize profits, build strong client relationships, and stand out in the competitive remodeling industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your remodeling career and boost your bottom line. Enroll today!

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In the Absence of Value, the Customer Will Always Choose a Cheaper Price  

What's the answer

“The Value Seller's Advantage ”

This is your  path from ordinary to extraordinary sales results

Starts with learning to sell value.

The Value Sellers Advantage is the fastest, most efficient, and effective way to increase sales, close more jobs and retain really nice gross profit margins on all jobs sold.

By learning the values of sellers' advantage you'll increase sales immediately, which means you'll have more success, greater confidence, and a proven way to take your customer from " That's expensive" to "Wow that's a great deal"

This is a 5 part video course to arm you with the absolute best practices to sell value and overcome price resistance.  this course is pulled right from the Client Centric Selling sales course and features a very inexpensive way to get introduced to the sales strategies we've been teaching the big dogs who are growing Multi-Million Dollar painting businesses.  

The Course is broken down into smaller bite-size pieces that make easier to absorb so you can put this to work immediately. You

You will be more successful- Make more money- Feel more confident

It's easy when you know how.

The Value Seller's Advantage

  • Video # 1 Why estimates don't sell and what to do about it. Learn what works and doesn't work and what to do to begin getting more yeses, regardless of your price.

  • Video # 2 The magic formula for having customers hanging on your every word. 

  • Video # 3 How to establish an agenda that allows you to establish value right from the get-go. 

  • Video # 4 The Pain Gain Value Proposition - The Key that opens the door and eliminates price objections. 

  • Video # 5 The Irresistible Estimate - Get the exact formula to present you're value ina compelling and persuasive way.

Here's why this is better than what you're currently doing;

  • Imagine being able to take a customer from " That's too expensive"... to" Wow I didn't want to spend that much, but I can see you are worth the price"

  • Increase your close rates by as much as 30%

  • Create a better living for you and your family..

  • More sales allow you to hire better people, which means you get more time for yourself.

  • Win more of the bigger projects. So that you're more profitable.

  • Know exactly what to do to establish value.

  • Stop wasting time with bad leads that will never pay for a quality paint job

  • Feel more confident

  • Build deeper levels of trust and rapport 

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