Unlock the secrets to selling to the 

four buying styles

When you learn the 4 Quadrants people just can't help but love you and want your services.

After you unlock these secrets, you will be so persuasive

There are 4 types of buyers, and knowing how to identify which quadrant they are in, and  how to adjust your selling style, is crucial if you want to be successful selling to different types of people. 

Over a 4-week period we will unlock the secrets to selling to the different buying styles. Week by week we will peel back the curtain and show exactly what to do and how to do it, so that you will radically increase your personal sales effectiveness. 

If you've been looking for a better way to get customers to understand WHY they should go with you and not the cheaper quote...this course is for you.

  • Different people have a different way they behave when they are buying. Thats what we mean when I say a "buying style"
  • Science tells us that the way you sell is exactly the same way you buy products and services. This works well about 30% of the time.
  • By learning how to adapt you selling style to that of all your buyers means you'll increase the number of people you can sell to effectively . 

Thats why I designed quadrant selling, so that you will have an easy way to figure your buyers style and close more projects quicker and easier that ever before.

This 4-week course runs every Tuesday for 90 minutes for four consecutive weeks:

All Classes 3 PM EST - 12 Noon PST

March 12,  –3 PM EST -12 PM PST

March  19th, 3 PM EST - 12  PST

March 26th, –43PM EST- 12 PM PST 

Apiril  2nd ,–3 PM EST - 12 PM PST

This includes

  • You receive a full color manual, so all your notes are easy to find in one location

  • All videos are recorded; come back to them over and over 

  • All audio is released as downloadable MP3s; take it with you wherever you go

  • Written transcripts of the entire program are available; re-read them until the advice becomes second nature.

Plus Bonus # 1 Talent Insights report - your customized assessment with an updated disc assessment plus the the 12 driving forces report. This way you get a deeper understanding of the WHY  you behave like you do. So that you know exactly which forces are driving your behavior (DISC) and how to better sell to others Regular price $195

Plus Bonus # 2 Two complimentary coaching Calls with me- Carl Utter. Author of the Painting Contractors Guide to Doubling Sales, Regular Price $895.00

Plus Bonus # 3 The Value Sellers Advantage Video Sales Training Program.   This video based training will teach how to crush price objections so that you close more sales at higher prices even if you hate selling without having to give discounts to close jobs.  Regualr Price $295.00

The bonus value alone is worth well over $1K ($1385)

Cost is $495.00

How to improve your sales through mastering your selling style

At the end of the day, it’s not about providing an estimate, but about helping your customer.  Selling to the 4 different personality types is the most effective tool you can use to sell people on using your services. Getting people to recognize the value of your services can be challenging, but this course makes it easy.

Different buyer styles means they buy differently 

  • Do you know how to identify which type of buyer you're in front of?
  • Do you know how to change your style to match up with them?
  • Do you know and understand your selling style?
  • No wonder they said "no"

Learn to close sales no matter who your buyer is 

Are you ready to radically enhance your self-confidence and sales results?

Learn to help more buyers say yes to your company.

Earn more money.

Have a lot more fun!

Learn to: 

  • Identify the four types of buyers
  • Create irresistible levels of charisma
  • Radically increase your sales results
  • Uncover the “Buying Styles” of your clients and prospects EASILY
  • Create an irresistible personality by adapting your approach to match your customer's buying style

6 hours of live instructor-led training 

This course will instantly increase your emotional intelligence and interpersonal effectiveness with others.

Understand the secrets of how to build instant rapport and credibility with your clients and potential clients!

As a top sales performer myself, I will teach you how to master these skills and improve every aspect of the sales process


Why is live instructor-led training the best option for learning?

  • Live training means you get to experience this course live by a master trainer. 
  • You get real training instead of a phony webinar. 
  • Gain real skills that increase sales immediately.  
  • Create loyal customers who are willing to pay more to work with you.

Develop Focus & Mindset

To be successful in selling, the "who" comes before the "how." When you understand the mindset and personality type you're selling to, you can adapt how you approach each customer in a way that makes it easy for them to buy.


When you learn more, you earn more 

Selling is a professional endeavor. This requires not only experience but training. When you get the right training in sales, the revenue and commissions follow. Get the training you need by the people who know. 

Money Back Guarantee

Show up, do the work;

if it doesn't work, you get a full refund

Plus $1385 in free bonuses only available with this training