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I know you're busy - You want increase sales and revenues but things do get in the way. 

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You signed up for the Master Class- Congratulations. But did you know 63 % of People who sign up for classes are too busy to attend. They really want the education and information but stuff gets in the way. That's why I'm offering you a opportunity to work one on one with me. This is for Painting and Remodeling Contractors only.   SEE DETAILS BELOW

The Gap  My Paint by numbers Sales Formula for Sale Growth

For twenty years painting contractors have been using this formula to double- triple their growth. I will walk you threw this step by step as you layout a growth plan by the numbers

Magic Messaging Formula

Overcoming price objections and selling at higher prices is all about how you message your value. No message- No  value- In the absence of value you become a commodity that is price driven.

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Free Web Site Review

As part of my Double Your Sales Strategy Call I will provide you a detailed web site audit detailing exactly what your web site needs to become a high converting appointment making machine for your business. We will give this 21 point inspection and make easy to implement suggestions so you can start making money tomorrow.

About the Strategy Session

Your strategy session will be conducted one on one with me personally. That way you can get the individualized advice you need to increase sales. 

It will last 45 minutes to an hour. So that we have enough time to roll up our sleeves and work on your business.

The call takes place over zoom video conference. It will be like I'm right there with you.

The two things we will focus on is 

1. The GAP Formula - So that you will know exactly what you need to do in order to scale and grow your painting business.

2. The Magic Messaging Formula- You will learn how to zero in on the most important aspect of selling at higher prices. The Why your customer should spend more to hire you to do their work. 

Carl gave our estimators structure to follow that is powerful and effective. The results

Grew sales by 25 %in 1.5 years

Increased close rate to over 50%

Jud Masters COO- Roe Painting

5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Strategy Sessions NOW

If you want to grow- Scale and increase sales tha

  • You want the the right advice from an industry expert. 
  • This is uniquely designed just for Painting Contractors. This makes it much more relevant to you.
  • You want to increase sales but lack a sales structure. Leave this call with a step by step approach that you can easily scales
  • You will get a system. Which means you will save so much time, money and energy going forward.Lor
  • You will increase sales immediately. Which means this free strategy session will make you money.

Since working with Carl, we grew gross sales from $350k a year in sales to $1.5M  I have fine-tuned my sales process and increased my close ratio from 35% to 60% My gross revenues have gone up over 500% from where I was. 

David Cooley

Increase Sales 

Close projects at higher prices

Overcome price objections 

Get organized, get a plan, get a structure and have a system

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Yes Carl, I want to take advantage of all this and get my Magic Messaging Formula, The Double your sales GAP formula and my FREE web -site review