August 26

Selling Is Not Between You and Your Customer


That is a provocative statement, isn’t it? The purpose of which is to create a pattern interrupt. Sometimes we have to use tools to get people’s attention long enough to be able to drop some knowledge in.

Why Does Mindset Matter

In our Client-Centric Selling. training classes, we talk about having the right mindset for selling. For part of that class, we take a look at limiting beliefs or a limited mindset. One of the mindsets we help you identify is the idea of getting emotionally involved.

Often, the sale is won or lost before the call begins. This is especially true for estimators who lack self-awareness or don’t know about the major beliefs that hold them back from being able to close more estimates.

The difference between winning and losing

Yet there are estimators out there who are bulletproof. No matter what you throw at them, they stay calm on the inside and patiently listen as the customer explains their objection.  Then they systematically overcome whatever obstacle to making the sales is and close it anyway.

What is the difference? The true professional knows sales is more of an inner game. It’s not something that happens with your prospect, but it’s the game going on between the ears.

Selling is not between you and your customer. It’s between you and your belief system.

Here are some limiting beliefs to be mindful of:

  1. I can’t close on the 1st call. Usually, the belief behind this is either fear of rejection or fear of seeming pushy.
  2. I must have the best price to be a good closer. Well, that’s not true. I have 2 dozen clients who are out every day selling about 15% to 25% higher on every quote. They are closing well over 45%, and most over 50% when they don’t have the lowest price.
  3. Self Limiting Beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts you think are real. Self-limiting beliefs are negative beliefs about you, your company, your marketplace, your pricing, etc…Negative beliefs can talk you out of making a sale by declaring it is lost before it actually is.
  4. The need to be liked or the need for approval. This psychological little bundle of joy makes you very likable and accommodating but can wreak havoc when you need to either take control or be assertive. People with a high need to be liked will often miss opportunities that they can close and they struggle big time with objections.
  5. Money Weaknesses. There are two issues where money weaknesses can really impact sales performance.
    1. Low money ceiling, which will show itself on larger quotes.
    2. Uncomfortable talking about money leads to overquoting, underquoting, misquoting, and losing jobs because a realistic conversation about what a project would cost is avoided.

Selling is not between you and your customer, it’s between you and your belief system.

Are you ready to take your salesmanship to the next level?

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