March 9

Sales Strategy to Dominate Your Local Market


Spring, summer, winter, or fall will be your sales strategy to help you increase sales and sell more of your estimates?  Closing more estimates need to become a priority if you want to increase sales. To implement a sales strategy to increase sales and close more estimates, you need to have a way to do that. This article is all about how to ask the right questions to increases sales and close more estimates.


to be a priority.  to become a contractor’s priority this time of year. As you start to look at your sales strategy for selling and closing a higher percentage of estimates, it’s important to identify what you can do this year to improve your conversion rate, close rate while at the same time increasing your average sale.


The coming Season

That means it will not be long until you are running three to five estimates a day again. If you are price is higher than the contractors you compete with, and you want to close more of the estimates you go on, then keep reading. If you’re interested to learn more about sales training / to learn more.

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The biggest challenge I see with contractors, who sell at the upper end of the market, is that they are missing three critical components to their sales process.

  1. They just are not asking enough of the right questions. Good questions help the customer understand why they should spend more money to hire you.
  2. They do not have a strong value proposition that helps the homeowner see why they should spend more to hire you.
  3. They lack a formalized sales process. This article will deal with those three components to help you when your busy season comes.

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The First Key

The single most important thing you can do on an estimate is asking better questions. What kind of questions am I talking about? I am talking about the kind of questions that get the customer to look past the cost and get them thinking about what is most important.

One of the things I find remarkably interesting is when we do marketing research for our clients. We go out and we interview some of their top customers.  We find 90% of all contractors completely miss the point. For example, one of the questions we ask is “What makes this contractor different from other contractors? “What the contractors think is their unique strength and what the customer tells us is mismatched.

The Second Key 

The second key is all about messaging. If your prices are higher then I’m guessing you do some things better than the average chuck in a truck. You probably have some systems in place that help you deliver a better project. You may have some training programs in place to assure work is performed up to a certain industry standard. Maybe you do background checks and use only employees and don’t outsource or sub-contract. ( although fewer and fewer contractors can afford that model )

How To Talk About What You Do.


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