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Credibility sells. Especially if you are charging what you should in your estimates.  We know credibility sells, but do you know the right way to sell your credibility?  Do you struggle to get homeowners to pay for quality? Then maybe your not selling your credibility.

Too often painting and remodel estimators show up and rely on their personality, and not on a selling system to sell jobs. This “show up and throw up” approach to a painting estimate is done more times than I care to count. It is akin to the proverbial “seat of the pants” approach. But what it doesn’t do is systematically persuade the homeowner to spend more to hire you.

Every estimate should have a strong solid series of steps. One of the most important steps is a strong opening and an extraordinarily strong closing. Too often estimators rely on their personality instead of having a structured process, a structured approach to selling.

Closing the credibility gap

You must be aware that even though homeowners have read your reviews, there is still an inherent mistrust of most contractors in the home remodel space. defines the credibility gap as.


2. A perceived discrepancy between statements and actual performance or behavior.

Opening Arguments Work

How you open your sales call matters. Recently, I was watching the Derick Chauvin trial. The news announcer was speaking about the opening arguments. She said that 80% of all jurors will make up their minds about guilt or innocence during the opening arguments. It got me thinking, is the same true when you and your estimators make a sales call? Are your customers deciding who to hire and who they are going to buy from in the 1st five minutes of a sales call?  Ask yourself, what do jurors and buyers of painting and remodeling services have in common?

A step in your system

A step in the selling process that has gained much popularity in the last couple of years is opening a customer meeting, whether online or in person, with a strong credibility statement; just a very quick, under the two-minute statement, drawing attention to all the reasons why you are credible can deliver what the customer wants. It is a big picture overview of what you do, why you do it, and the awards, allocations, and citations the lend credibility to your services.

Here is an example:

In my sales training programs for painters and remodelers, we preach the importance of having a solid credibility statement.

Word Track

You: Our clients tell us it is important to know a little about who they are doing business with, and we agree. Could I tell you a little about my company and myself?


Our company was founded 20 years ago by John Mus, who after working for other companies learned a lot about what not to do.

John started Infinite Home Services so he could create an entirely different kind of customer experience.

We currently paint about 100 homes a year.

We have over 1500 homes under warranty. – Here is the amazing part. With all those jobs, and all those warranty’s we have been able to maintain:

  • A+ Rating with the BBB
    • 5 start Online rating with Google and Facebook.
  • PCA Certified
  • Triple-A rating W/ BBB

We currently offer the longest warranty in the industry.

As for me, (salesperson fills in the WHY here), I feel so lucky to be able to deliver the quality and service that allow me to create customers for life. In fact, our average customer will hire us 3 to 5 times over the course of our relationship.

That is the credibility statement. Try to work on one for you and your team, or better yet, call and schedule a strategy session that has your customers begging you to paint for them.

Credibility Sells – Remember, customers, make up their minds exceedingly early, whether or not they are going to hire you. Why not use your credibility statement to create new customers for life?


Carl Utter

About the author

Carl’s sales career spans almost 30 years in all phases of sales management, sales training, sales coaching, and consulting. He founded The Training Group Inc. in 2000 where he trained and developed some of the largest Painting Contractors in the Country.

In 2017 he made a major decision to narrow his focus on Painting and Remodeling contractors who struggle to get customer to pay more for premium services. Today he is the founder of Contractor Growth Strategy, and his mission is to transform the sales and estimating industry by teaching his world re-known client- Centric Selling System. Carl Believes that premium contractors deserve to charge a premium price. The Client Centric selling system was designed for premium contractors, so they had a systematic way to sell and close projects when the price they charge is higher than the majority of competitors.

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