We Train Painting Contractors to Double 

Their Sales

...Even If  They Are Twice The Price!!!

  • Train Online ... from Anywhere
  • Implement a Repeatable and Predictable Selling System
  • Get Live Coaching from Experts and Mentoring from other Contractors to Stay on Track 

The Client-Centric Selling System

The Ultimate Sales Training For Painting & Remodeling Contractors 

brain to brain

The Worlds Simplest Sales Strategy 

Will Have Homeowners Begging You

to Paint, Decorate and do their projects!!!

The Unique Sales System that helps Painting & Remodeling Contractors to...

The Fastest Way to More Sales

Once you have a system defined, you have a profitable, predictable, and highly repeatable way to have massive sales success... over and over again.

Show Up Like Nobody Else

Stop showing up and doing what every painting contractor does.

Learn to differentiate your company with a professional selling system that gives you professionalism that stands out. 

Overcome the Price Dilemma

Learn once and for all how to eliminate price objections and develop a position that solves a real problem, that customers are willing to pay for. 

It's all in the messaging 

How the Client-Centric Selling System Works

step 1

Quick Start Foundation - Classes

Everyone starts with the Quick Start Foundation Training. There are 10 classes which lay out the basics of the entire selling system. 

step 2

transform the way you sell With Coaching

Whether you are a painting or remodeling contractor or an estimator, we will coach you as you implement what you have learned. You will begin to completely transform the way you sell.

step 3

Advanced Mastery Training

Upon completion of the Quick Start Foundation and Transforming the Way You Sell you are eligible for our weekly Advanced Mastery Training.

Lasting Benefits


Train online and you have lifetime access to replays 

Because you train online,  you save time traveling to events.

Our small size Zoom classes assures that you get plenty of coaching and feedback, which will help you  be able to make the key changes that drive sales performance.

Most of our clients will improve their close rates by 20% to 25%. This means you will need less leads, thus saving on your lead generation cost. 



Repeatable- Predictable- selling system

You will learn and then implement the the step-by-step approach that it takes to help homeowners come to realize your company is the only choice for them, even if your price is significantly higher.

Painting Contractor
painting walls


My unique ongoing training and reinforcement

This is not the typical one and done training, which means you get the reinforcement you need.

You don't forget what you learned, and this increases the probability of implementing what is taught.

You will drastically improve sales results.


8 Reasons Why We Should Work Together

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1. Estimates Are Not Free!

In our experience, the average estimate costs over >$300 when you factor in the cost of generating the lead plus salaries and your time. Every estimate you do not close is time - and money - which is being wasted. We will show you how to increase your sales and save you time and money being wasted on unqualified buyers who are not the right fit for you to begin with.

2. Here is the Hard Truth

Too many contractors think that because they provide good service and they are personable that they're good at sales. The hard truth is that they never establish REAL VALUE in the buyer's mind. If only they knew what the customer was thinking about before writing that check...


3. ROI that is 7 - 10 Times Your Investment

You've heard of the 80/20 rule. The Client Centric Selling System focuses your effort on the vital few areas that drive the greatest sales and revenue. When you do the right things the right way, you get an accumulative compounding effect. 

Our largest client grew by several million dollars in annual sales in just 2 years! Our smallest client even grew by 32% last year. 

4. Start Increasing Revenue Immediately

With the Sales & Marketing focus you'll get increased revenues immediately. With increased sales comes the ability to hire and retain quality staff.

Imagine having the cash flow to write a check for whatever your business needs.

5. Uniquely Designed Specifically for Painting & Remodelling Contractors

You don't sell a product and you charge a premium. This is important because you need to establish a high level of trust with the client. The Client Centric Selling System shows you exactly how to do that.

When you are a commodity the client goes with the lowest price. I'll show you the exact steps to avoid being seen as a low-cost commodity by the client.

6. You get a System

When you have a system you save time. You save energy. And you save money. When you have a system you are building your ability to scale your revenues. You'll have the ability to increase prices without hurting sales. Which means you'll make more profit for every sale.

With more money in your pocket what could you do? It all starts with having a system. 

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7. When you get stuck, I've got your back

You get my guidance and coaching every step of the way. I am committed to making sure you get results. My 22 years of working along side some of the most successful painters and remodellers in the industry have taught me how to help you do the same.

When you stumble, I will help you get back up. When you fail to follow-through I will hold you accountable. 

8. You get a steady stream - of the right type - of sales

Let's face it. Some customers are just bottom feeders.

I want to help you spend your time and energy on getting the right type of customer and let go of the wrong homeowners earlier in the process so you save time and frustration.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to pick and choose the type of customer you want to work with?  

Get Started Now

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If you would like to learn more about the Client Centric Selling System and whether it's the right fit for your painting or remodeling business let's have a  one-on-one call. I will meet with you personally.  

You will experience the power of Client-Centric Selling, and you can ask me any questions you have and determine whether or not this is a fit for you.

Is 30 minutes of your time worth it to find out if you could increase your sales - potentially even double them?