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In the competitive world of painting and remodeling, being a skilled craftsman is essential, but it’s not enough to guarantee success. It’s competitive and there’s always someone else who is catching up. To truly thrive in this industry, painters and remodelers must also master the art of selling based on value. That’s where our course, the Value Seller’s Advantage, comes in.

Here are four ways to unlock greater profitability.

  1. Maximize Profits with Higher-Priced Projects

As a painter, your goal is to complete projects and maximize your profits. By learning to sell based on value, you can position your services as investments rather than expenses customers will be more willing to pay a premium for your expertise when they understand the long-term benefits and increased property value that your services can bring. This means you can charge higher prices for your services, leading to increased revenue and better profit margins. People won’t pay your higher price because you ask them to. They will pay more if you give them a reason to.

  1. Build Stronger Client Relationships and Referral

Successful painters don’t just sell a service; they sell a solution to their clients’ problems. When you focus on problem-solving you are better able to establish greater value.  When you solve problems and add value you build stronger relationships with your customers. This allows you to become a trusted advisor, guiding them through the remodeling process and ensuring their needs and desires are met. Satisfied clients are more likely to refer you to their friends and family, creating a powerful referral network that can consistently generate new business opportunities. When you take the time to ask better sales questions, this equips you with the skills to connect with clients on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and driving sustainable growth.

  1. Stand Out in a Crowded Market

The remodeling industry is highly competitive, and standing out is crucial to your success. When you sell based on value, you differentiate yourself from the competition. You’re not just another painter when you take the time to better understand the customer’s needs. Not just their painting needs, everyone does that, you must understand their emotional needs. What they like and what they dislike about other contractors.

Customers are more likely to choose you over other contractors who only focus on technical needs and the price. When you take the time to understand the tangible benefits you bring to their lives, will absolutely stand out in the marketplace.

Remember, it’s not enough to just be a great craftsman today. You need to gain the advantage and perception that you’re better and different. You do that when the customer feels like “You understand them.”

  1. Transform Your Sales Skills to Boost Your Bottom Line!

Investing in the transformation of your sales skills is more than just buying a course; it’s a strategic move that can supercharge your business. This is a huge advantage over your competitors, and your gateway to a better bottom line and a brighter future.

When you enhance your ability to sell based on value, you’re not merely learning a skill – you’re making an investment with an unparalleled return. This investment has the power to yield better returns than just about any other investment vehicle out there. You not getting 10 times returns in the stock market or real estate right now.  You’ll be able to command higher prices, secure more projects, and build lasting client relationships that pay dividends for years to come. In a crowded market, being a value-driven seller sets you apart, enabling you to unlock opportunities for greater profits and business growth. If you’re looking for a way to transform your business and secure a return on your money that is virtually unmatched –an investment in your sales ability enables you to close more projects without sacrificing profits.

In conclusion

In conclusion, investing in your sales skills and learning to sell based on value is not just beneficial; it’s essential for the success and longevity of your painting and remodeling business. Great sales and marketing will empower you to maximize profits, build strong client relationships, and stand out in the competitive remodeling industry. Be strategic, have a plan be proactive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your painting and remodeling business. Winters coming. Start planning.

Carl Utter

About the author

Carl’s sales career spans almost 30 years in all phases of sales management, sales training, sales coaching, and consulting. He founded The Training Group Inc. in 2000 where he trained and developed some of the largest Painting Contractors in the Country.

In 2017 he made a major decision to narrow his focus on Painting and Remodeling contractors who struggle to get customer to pay more for premium services. Today he is the founder of Contractor Growth Strategy, and his mission is to transform the sales and estimating industry by teaching his world re-known client- Centric Selling System. Carl Believes that premium contractors deserve to charge a premium price. The Client Centric selling system was designed for premium contractors, so they had a systematic way to sell and close projects when the price they charge is higher than the majority of competitors.

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