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Selling without selling

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, how can you sell without selling?  I love this question and I think it’s an interesting, because inside of that question is another question. The question behind the question. The thing is, how you sell without selling, and doing it the right the way, is you must change the way you look at selling. Because what you want to start doing is, you want to start looking at selling as working within people’s decision-making process.

When people are making decisions, they go through a process and a series of steps to make that making a decision. Here what is important to understand. Decision making has a direction to it. When deciding people are either moving towards, what they want, or just the opposite, they’re moving away from what they don’t want. This is important because how you frame your conversation with people will change according to what direction your customer is moving. For example, one group of people we call towards decisionmakers, these people are moving towards what they want. They’re moving towards a goal they’re or moving towards an outcome. They’re looking to gain something. Towards people are looking for improvement. There is something they’re try to get.

Now moving away from what you don’t want is a very different thing that’s moving in a very different direction. Away from buyers, are looking to avoid something.  They’re looking to get away, avoid a problem which is the exact opposite direction as a towards person.

Now why is this important, you might be thinking?  It’s important because what you want to do is, you want to take your solution and begin to frame it in such a way, that it appeals to your buyers. What I mean by that is, you want to present a solution, so that it is moving in the same direction as your customer is moving in the way the think about their decision’s. In other words, if they are truly looking for a solution to a problem, then you’re going to want to talk about what they’re going to avoid by using you. What won’t have to deal with. What they’re not going to get that they don’t want. Emphasis what they can avoid, the problems they won’t have. They won’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

If you’re buyer is moving towards what they want, you’re going to want to talk to them much differently. If quality is important to a buyer moving towards a goal, or outcome they want, the motivation will be much different. What will motivate a towards buyers is about quality, how nice home is going to look.  Maybe it’s about getting a good job that’s going to last longer. 

What’s important with a towards buyer is to emphasis what they will gain. Remember a towards buyer is moving towards a goal. So, emphasizing what the towards buyer will gain is music to their ears.

Instead of telling customers how great thou art….. Start working with the decision process and start moving in the same direction using language as your customer is moving.

Make sure to watch the video, because it will help you understand exactly what you want to do to be more successful with buyers.  here is the link


Towards Language

Away From Language










Get rid of

About 43 % of people when making a purchasing decision are moving away from

About 20% will be equal parts moving towards and moving away from

37% will be moving towards what they want to gain.



Carl Utter

About the author

Carl’s sales career spans almost 30 years in all phases of sales management, sales training, sales coaching, and consulting. He founded The Training Group Inc. in 2000 where he trained and developed some of the largest Painting Contractors in the Country.

In 2017 he made a major decision to narrow his focus on Painting and Remodeling contractors who struggle to get customer to pay more for premium services. Today he is the founder of Contractor Growth Strategy, and his mission is to transform the sales and estimating industry by teaching his world re-known client- Centric Selling System. Carl Believes that premium contractors deserve to charge a premium price. The Client Centric selling system was designed for premium contractors, so they had a systematic way to sell and close projects when the price they charge is higher than the majority of competitors.

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