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Client-Centric Selling - 8 week course

The live Sales Estimator Training  ( Client-Centric Selling ) introduces the revolutionary Client-Centric Selling System which is a professional  approach to selling estimates. This provides estimators with a step by step sales approach that has helped hundreds of contractors substantially increase sales. They have reported sales that are double or even triple what they were before learning this system. 

Client-Centric Selling For Painters and Remodelers

We give you the training and psychology of why people buy and what you need to do to succeed. 

Client-Centric Selling will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about sales and estimating.

We have helped hundred of contractors and remodelers double even triple their sales.

Who Should Attend?

The training is for estimators that sell, or business owners who are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone to become great at selling. 

  • It’s for estimators who feel like they are stuck, and have a hard time with price resistance. 

  • New or experienced estimators who are getting unpredictable and inconsistent sales results. 

  • Lacking control of the sales process. 

  • Not getting enough sales on the spot, causing way too much follow-up. 

  • Tired of price objections and lack a way to help buyers see why they should pay you more to do their work.

What You Get:

Participants walk away with actionable step-by-step strategies, and the coaching you need  to implement immediately the Client-Centric Sales System, which creates a more efficient and effective sales process.

Important Notice About This Training 

We have invested heavily in our clients sales success- We protect them from competitors. Before you are allowed into the course, we need to make sure there are no current conflicts. 

We are not going to train our clients competition.

Want to increase sales...even if you are twice the price ? 

Contractors who offer a premium service and high quality work deserve to charge and be paid a premium in exchange. If losing sales to low end inferior competition frustrates you, you're in the right place.

For the last 25 years I've been helping struggling contractors learn how to sell at higher price points. The Client-Centric Selling System will give you the tools, strategies and steps you need to charge and get premium pricing. 

Transform your sales results and grow your business and become the go to contractor in your market.

Live Training

Which mean you will save travel time and learn your craft in the comfort of your home or office. This isn't some pre-recorded program. I will be there to answer questions in real time and you will get what you need -- when you need it -- to transform how you sell. 

Professional Trainer

I've been a sales trainer for 25 yrs and that means I know how estimators and contractors learn. I apply the adult learning tactics that will help you easily make the changes that will lead to sales success. 

This is a Sales System

Learn once, and use it over and over again. The best part is that because it's a system, it's learnable and repeatable. If you're thinking of hiring more estimators, you will have invested in a proven system that will help you train new estimators easily. 

Why Investing in sales training is good business

  You will realize 7 to 10 times return on your investment   

Reasons why you should invest in sales training:

1. Estimates are not free- Sure you don't charge for an estimate, but what do they cost you? Sales training will reduce your lead generation cost substantially because you won't need as many leads.

2. A very hard truth- Just because your company has a great reputation, and you have a warm personality, that doesn't mean you are great at sales.  How you position price, handle price objections and the types of questions you ask will make a world of difference.

3. You can increase your revenues, average project size, and close rate immediately.

4. Have you ever wished you could convince more customers that they should pay higher prices? Well, with my messaging formula now you can. 

Less Follow up

By closing more jobs at the time of the estimate, you will reduce the amount of time spent following up on leads that have gone cold. 

Greater Gross Profits

By learning my qualifying steps you will focus more of your sales efforts on the most profitable projects. 

Transformed Closing Ability

Selling is not about personality. Selling is about process. Many of my multi-million dollar a year sales pros are introverts who are not your typical sales person.


What our clients say about our product

I was experiencing a sales slump and I thought it was time to sharpen my skills, especially closing. I signed up for Carls  Client - Centric Selling Course and began seeing immediate results. I was able to start closing estimates on the spot. For the first time ever I went into last winter with a full 3 months back log. With Carls help I've hired an estimator who has exceeded her goals every month and is on track to close over $1.2 in first year sales.

Jeff Sommers 

ESP Painting Business 

Are you ready to transform your sales? 

It's as easy as 1-2-3

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Step 3. Show up ready to learn.

About the Training Begins July 26th , 4 PM EST 

How the course is constructed:

  • Week 1. Introduction to Client-Centric Selling 
  • Week 2. Bonding and Rapport
  • Week 3. Fundamentals of getting customer commitments
  • Week 4: Power Questions - The key to success in selling
  • Week 5: Role playing - Problem Solving
  • Week 6: Understand how to sell value vs. price
  •  Week 7: How to present your estimate. Learning how to present the way people buy.
  • Week 8: Putting it all together

Begins July 26th 2022 

4:00 PM EST to 5:30  PM EST

Runs 8 Consecutive Weeks

$1,995.00 Per Person30 Day Money Back Guarentee 

These customers love our product.

Here's why:

Since taking Client- Centric Selling, I've been able to grow my contracting business from $375,000 a year in sales to $1.75M a year. Carl's program really helped hone in my sales system and gave me the tools I needed to basically triple my business.

David Cooley 

CEO at Cooley Brothers Painting

About Carl Utter

Hi, Carl Utter

Sales Trainer, Coach, Author and Business Owner. 

I know you want to be the go-to painting contractor in your market. In order to do that you need to master the skill of finding customers who value quality and customer service above a cheap price. 

The problem is getting customers to pay a premium for your services. It can be  time consuming, frustrating, and a complete waste of time to deal with tire kickers, price shoppers and quote collectors who only care about a cheap price. 

I believe that painting contractors should be able to charge premium pricing for premium work.  I understand how difficult it can be to learn how to master this very skill. For the last 25 years, I've trained highly successful painting contractors how to double and even triple their sales.

Which is why I work exclusively  with painting and remodelling contractors to double their sales at higher prices.

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If you don't feel like this amazing training won't help you increase sales, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your training starts. 

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