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Too many estimators leave empty handed because customers don't understand why they should pay you more to work with quality contractors

Carl Utter, Founder Contractor Growth Strategy

Lacking the right lead generation and estimator selling system may be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In fact I'm going to tell you it does! Plain and simple.

The problem is that most painters don't know how to sell quality workmanship with the right message, leading people to want to pay your prices. I hate to see good painting contractors struggle with this. If you work hard to provide good quality work, great customer service and have a stellar reputation, you should be paid more.

That's why I created the Lead Generation and Selling System that I've been teaching for the last 25 years. When you learn how to overcome these obstacles, you will find yourself closing more estimates at higher prices. You will learn to stop wasting time with price shoppers, quote collectors, and non-buyers. That's insane and that's what I want to help you learn my system.

What Makes the Contractor Growth Strategy System so Unique and Effective?

We have the only  sales and marketing system built exclusively for painting contractors. 

We've already tested what works and what doesn't so you don't have to. This means that you don't have to try to take someone else's ideas and adapt them for your painting or remodeling business. 

Our system is a unique step-by-step process that anyone can follow and implement.

We have helped painting contractors across the nation implement winning sales and marketing programs, this includes coaching them to  double their sales...even if they are twice the price.

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We’ve helped hundreds of painting contractors and remodelers

over the past 25 years to

Sell More, Charge More, and Make More Per Project

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