Double Your Sales- Group Coaching - Mastermind

What if you could become the go to painting contractor in your town or city?

In order to achieve that status you need customers who value and are willing to pay for:

  1. Quality
  2. Great Customer Service 
  3. Reputation and reliability
  • The Problem is getting customers to pay for the premium and quality work you want to provide.  I know just how frustrating it can be. you explain to customers the importance of proper prep and how you offer skilled craftsmen, only to have them shop for lower prices. 
  • It's frustrating and exhausting to have to deal with price shoppers, bottom feeders ( You know the customers who go with chuck in the truck). you pour your heart into explaining why your the best choice, and they still shop for the lowest price. 

I believe a premium contractor deserves to be paid a premium price. 

You and I know that you get what you pay for in this world. Cheap isn't good, and good isn't cheap.

I understand because I've helped hundreds of contractors and estimators learn to sell over $1 M a year. 

I work exclusively with painting contractors and estimators who want to sell over $ 1 million a year.

Now for the 1st time I'm offering a low cost group coaching program that is designed for  painters who want to reach the $1m a year sales. 

Here is what you will get: 

  • Learn Best Practices
    The quicker you learn these strategies the faster you can grow and scale your business, so that you can increase sales, gross margins and profits. 
  • Learn How To Double Your Price and Double Your Sales.
    You will receive the strategies and tactics in my book and systematically develop a sales system that will help you achieve  $ 1M a year in sales

How Does It Work ? 

Meet twice a month as group and with your coach. This a small group format which means you  you receive plenty of attention at a fraction of what coaching normally cost. 

  • Learn from your peers as well as your coach - So that, you get real world advice so you can avoid the common mistakes other contractors make. this saves time and money.
  • We will focus on the major  issues affecting you and your business, so that you can increase your sales and income immediately.
  • you will increase sales and develop lead generation strategies which will fuel your growth without wasting money on marketing that doesn't work. 
  • Hiring and sub-contracting tips which will allow you to scale quicker so that your profits go into your pocket
  • Developing referrals -There is business sitting there waiting to be your customers. Just learn the right way to ask, and those dollars are yours. 
  • Business planning- strategic planning - So that you can work less, make more money and enjoy your friends, family, and hobbies. 

What is next

This program is inexpensive, but they are not for everyone.  The next step is to set up a time so you can get to me and I can get to know you as well. Then, if you like me, you think that you could benefit from group coaching, we can go ahead and get you started. 

1. Schedule a 15 minute call

2. Show up see what it's all about

3. Start growing your business.

Special Free Bonus 

1. The irresistible Estimate video course  - Six Secrets to presenting your estimates which will have your customers begging you to paint. a $297.00 value

2. A copy of The Painting Contractors Guide To Doubling Your Sales Even if You're Twice the Price $14.95 value

3. My special sales call checklist that will help you increase sales today.

4. Two one on one coaching calls with me to help you get off to the fastest start possible.

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