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The most comprehensive sales guide for painting contractors. These 5 key strategies are easy to read, easy to implement, and they work. 

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  • Revealed: the simple method you must apply before you make your next sales call.
  • Get the price objection hacks that will turn your homeowners into  "take my money, I don't care if you are more expensive. "
  • Discover the secrets to creating a High Profit Selling system that converts estimates into paying customers without negotiating, begging, and discounting your price. 
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This guide will teach you:

The secret to selling when you're more expensive than lower priced competitors.

See page four to learn why painters struggle over price resistance and how to put the right steps in place to sell easily when faced with price objections. 

Buying more leads isn't the answer.

Stop buying more leads. More leads aren't the answer. Doing a much better job closing the leads that you are getting is the key. Learn how to reduce your lead generation cost and increase profits & sales! Reduced cost plus increased sales = owner profit!

The World's Simplest Sales Strategy

The Playbook. In Step 3 of my 5 Step System, I lay out  a process  for you to develop your Company Sales playbook. Once you implement the playbook , you will have all the steps, word-tracks and scripting needed to run a world class estimate.

The Problem - Your message is all wrong 

Painters love to tell the customer why they are a good painter. Just about every painter misses why the customer buys from them. The sales messaging misses the mark because it isn't in alignment with the  customer's motivation.  Don't fall prey to faulty messages.

What others are saying about this guide:

Find Out How David Doubled His Sales - TWICE!

“Since learning Carl's system, we grew sales from $350k a year to $1.5M. I have fine-tuned my sales process and increased my close ratio from 35% to 60% My gross revenues have gone up over 500% from where I was when I first hired Carl.” David Cooley, 

David Cooley  //  Cooley Brothers Painting Torrance Ca. 

I Wish I Had This Earlier In My Career...

Having been in painting sales now about 18 years, this system helps you know where you are in your sales call and the bid process, getting the extra information you need to reach your goals and close the projects." I wish I had this earlier in my career. 

Mark Flood//  Estimator- Account Manager at Zebby Sulecki Inc. 

Form 29% of my estimates to 60% ... In Months, Not Years 

Once you have a real understanding of how people buy you can really use it to your advantage. My closing has gone form 29% of my estimates to 60% in just a few months.




 Julia Mecha/ Painting Esitmator Portland Ore. 

All this can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now and transform your revenue, your income, and your life. It's easy when you know how. Let me help you write your story so that it turns out exactly the way you want it to. 

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