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The Magic Messaging Formula

If you're going to sell at higher prices, its an absolute must to nail your messaging. This is the secret sauce and will become the bedrock of your growth. 

The Multi- Million Dollar Questioning Strategy

Many of my clients tell me this is the one thing that has made the biggest difference. Learning how to ask THE RIGHT the key to becoming a Master Sales Estimator.

The Selling System Template

Growing a contractor business and being able to scale requires systems. Sales is no different. In fact, businesses that have a selling system are 23% more profitable than those that don't have a formal selling system. 

Brainstorming- Problem Solving 

You get me LIVE - Which means you can ask me any question you like. Bring me your biggest, and most nagging questions. I've helped over 300 painting company's break out and grow multi-million dollar businesses. This is your chance to ask me anything. 

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I promise that your guide will get you started down the right path to overcoming challenges like:

  • price objections
  • when and how to raise your prices
  • how to hire your next or first salesperson
  • why you need a selling system if you’re going to charge higher prices 

There’s nothing like getting detailed, customized answers to your specific questions.  I'd like you to consider taking advantage of a very special, no-cost, no-obligation opportunity.

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During our time together you will:

  • Have enough time to get the million-dollar painting sales roadmap. This way, you will have the exact steps to get the system running in your painting business.
  • Walk away with your 3-Step Sales Growth plan, which will be designed just for you. That means you will be on the right path to crushing your competition while doubling your prices.
  • You will get my straight talk on the most burning questions all successful painters want to know. You will know how much to raise your prices, whether or not it’s time to hire your 1st or next salesperson, and how many leads you will need to double your sales.

I’m so confident that you’ll find the Double Your Sales Growth Strategy Planning valuable, that I’m going to give you a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

I can help you make that happen. The first step is to schedule your time now. Say, “I want to take advantage of Carl’s “Double Your Sales Growth Strategy Planning” and we will get you all set up. Sign up now.

Double Your Sales Even if You're

Twice the Price Strategy Session 

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We’re looking for awesome painters to help grow.

What our customers are saying:

My closing has gone from 29% of my estimates to 60% in just a few months...

Now that I know what I’m doing, it frees me up to focus on building trust and rapport. Once you have a real understanding of people's needs, you can sell them a solution they truly desire. My closing has gone from 29% of my estimates to 60% in just a few months

Julia   //  Designer - Estimator ESP Painting 

Carl has  helped me find opportunities in areas of my business that I wouldn't even think of...

"Hiring Carl has been one of the best additions to my business, he helps me find opportunities in areas of my business that I wouldn't even think of. The accountability factor helps keep me on track and getting my weekly goals achieved."

Brian Sietz  //  Owner Urban Industrial Designs

What will happen when you book your

Strategy Session

The purpose of this session is look at your sales strategy and develop an outline of the steps you need to put in place to sell your painting services at higher prices.

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    Learn The Magic Messaging Formula- This is the key to selling at higher prices. You and your estimators will double, even triple your sales when you deliver the right painting proposal the right way. The key is to deliver the right message that reduces objections and converts estimates in high paying jobs.
  2. 2
    The Power of Asking the Right Question - What seperates most estimators are the way they approach the estimate . Too much telling, not enough asking is the single biggest mistake you can make.
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    Fill in the blank Centric Selling System  template - You can create a repeatable system that will be your bedrock foundation as you increase your close rates and profitability.

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We’re looking for awesome painters who want to sell more estimates at higher prices. 

Carl Utter

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A Painters Guide to Double Your Sales 

Even if You're Twice The Price


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