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My name is Carl Utter, and I'm the Founder of Contractor Growth Strategy.

I created the Ultimate Lead Generation and Client-Centric Selling Systems that I've been teaching for the last 25 years.

I've helped hundreds of painting contractors and remodelers to Sell More, Charge More, and Make More Per Project.

When you learn how to position yourself correctly and overcome obstacles, you will find yourself closing more estimates at higher prices.

You will learn to stop wasting time with price shoppers, quote collectors, and non-buyers.

That's insane and that's why I want to help you learn my system.

Case Studies

David Cooley from Cooley Bros. Painting was wasting too much time running estimates that were not closing. His close and his pricing was high. He was spending 60-70 hours a week and getting little in return. What bothered David the most was that he didn’t have enough time for his children.

We put David in my Client-Centric Selling Training Program, and we set up weekly coaching calls to reinforce the whole process.

David learned to weed out tire kickers and price shoppers, while at the same time getting stronger messaging around why his customer should spend more to hire his company.


David is working a lot less, his gross sales went from $350k a year to $1.5M. I helped David fine-tune my sales process. He increased his close ratio from 35% to 60%, with gross profits up over 15% 

Judd Masters is the COO of Roe Paint in Boise ID. Judd was faced with having to grow the business from $2.75m to $ 8m over the next three years.

To do this, Judd needed to scale up sales. Two salespeople were hired to sell painting and flooring services. They were both enrolled in the Client-Centric Selling Training Program.

The results are that the first salesperson sold over $100k over goal, currently on track to do 4.15m in 2021.

The second person was hired in the Nevada branch. He was enrolled in Client-Centric Selling program with a goal of 800,000 in the first year. He has closed 70% of his estimates, tracking to do about 150% of that goal.

Josh Abramson from Allbright Painting has been "Painting Happiness" for the last 30 years. Josh had two very new estimators. One a natural born salesman, and the other was not. Josh needed a way to train both, so he enrolled two estimators in Client-Centric Selling Training Program.

The Results- within just 5 short months, both estimators were over $180k a month. Average sales and close rate have also increase substantially.


Jesse Denno was new to selling painting services at Roe Painting. Jesse was closing 18% of his estimates in the beginning. Jesse’s boss wanted him to have a more structured way of selling and entered him in Client-Centric Selling Training Program. 

This type of experience was a completely new for Jesse. 

The Results:  Jesse closed $1.2 in sales his 1st full year in selling for Roe Painting. His goal this year is 25% higher and 5 months into the year he has hit his goal every month.

Julia M.  was new to selling painting services. Julia had exceptionally good people skills but lacked an overall structure. Still, she managed to close right around 38% of her estimates. Her employers signed her up for the Client-Centric Selling Training Program in August of last year. We decided to add a performance accelerator by providing weekly coaching and accountability sessions.

Challenges - Overcoming price objections when she fully understood the REAL customer needs. That issue was caused by not having the right questioning strategy and lack of a step-by-step sales process.

The Results: Julia’s sales have exceeded her monthly goals of 100K every month this year. She has become much better at understanding the customers needs. She has learned to ask and listen to customer concerns on a much deeper level and now closes over 60% of her estimate.

Urban Industrial Design
Brian Sietz of Urban Industrial Design was in his second year of business. Brian was looking to grow his business. He was engaged to be married and wanted to buy a house.

Brian was doing $250,000 a year in revenue. I helped Brian create a One Page Business Plan and provided weekly coaching focusing on his weekly goals and sales performance.

As a result, Brian grew Urban Industrial Designs from $250,000 a year to $850,000 in revenues in one year.

Having been in sales now about 18 years I am fascinated by your lessons regarding Client Centric selling.

I am certain had I taken the opportunity to hone in more sales training 18 years ago I would be more prepared to identify and adapt in conversation towards closing more work. It is common sense practice, practice and practice can only make you better.

Carl’s Way Works systems can springboard your sales efforts and make the most of the opportunities before you have.

After I started Carl's training my sales exploded. I've seen him do the same thing for others if you are willing to put in the work and apply what he teaches This can be a life-changing experience, it was for me!

My Closing rate went from 35% to 60%. My gross revenues have gone up over 500% from where I was when I first hired Carl.

Thank you, Carl, for teaching me the Client Centric

Overviewing our company's past year I would like to share the benefits of the classes that impact positively on my sales.

Client-Centric selling classes helped me to better understand my client's needs and introduce them to our company approaches professionally. That being said the company's sales closing has increased from 37.5% to 51%.

Now the process of my sales is not stressful, I enjoy doing my sales using the system that Carl has been taught. Based on our client's feedback, our approach is professional and satisfying.

Thank you Car for leveling up my selling skills and always being prompt and responsive to my questions and emails.

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